Everything Started on an Uninhabited Island Surrounded by Coral Reefs in the Southern Sea.

24 27' 57'' North Latitude and 131 11' 23'' East Longitude is where the clam-shaped Rasa Island is located surrounded by coral reefs. It is over 4.5km (about 2.8miles) around, lying 408 km (a little over 250 miles) southeast of Naha on Okinawa's main island. Officially, it has been called Okidaito-jima Island since 1900 when the Japanese Government claimed its territorial rights to the island. Rasa Island (the popular name of the island) is the origin of our company name, Rasa Industries, Ltd., founded by Mr. Noritaka Tsuneto, the first director of the Fertilizer and Minerals Research Institute of the Agriculture and Commerce Ministry. His discernment and efforts highlighted Rasa Industries in those days. Since then, Rasa Island has been the only domestic mine providing phosphate ore, a raw material for chemical fertilizers. Before World War II this island was an important agricultural base with 2000 inhabitants. Though the island is uninhabited now, its position is as significant as ever because it is an essential point in the territorial waters of Japan.



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